Niseko, Japan

Summer Activities

In the summertime, Niseko abounds with fun and adventure. From popular sports to delicious local food, there's something for everyone in Niseko!

Video courtesy of Niseko Village


The Niseko area boasts a large number of various types of golf courses. The season runs from late April until mid-October, and the summer is an especially popular time. There are courses for everyone from kids to grandparents, meaning there is golfing fun for the whole family!


Paddling down the Shiribetsu River, one of Japan’s clearest rivers, in a small rubber boat is most popular summer activity in Niseko, with many people coming back to experience the thrill time after time.


Niseko has become a hot spot for biking, with numerous options for road and mountain riding or competition in the quiet resort atmosphere. The air is crisp and clean – why not check out the wildflowers and scenery while listening to birds from a bike? Rentals are available for any type.

Climbing & Hiking

From rambling around on foot paths through Shinsen-numa in the upper moors to a full scale traverse of the Niseko range or a Mount Yotei climb, there are hikes and walks to match anyone strengths and desires. Guides can show you nature’s best-kept secrets, or try a dynamic trail run!


There’s simply nothing better than enjoying the tastes of Hokkaido with friends in the outdoors – seasonal vegetables and seafood together. Enjoy different styles of BBQ by staying in a condominium with a grill or with a convenient Ghengis Khan mutton catering service, unique to Hokkaido.

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