Niseko, Japan

Climbing & Hiking

From rambling around on foot paths through Shinsen-numa in the upper moors to a full scale traverse of the Niseko range or a Mount Yotei climb, there are hikes and walks to match anyone strengths and desires. Guides can show you nature’s best-kept secrets, or try a dynamic trail run!

Climbing & Hiking

Annupuri and Mt. Yotei

Each year, many people come to Niseko just for the mountains and the hiking on and around them. You have several options to climb Mt. Annupuri. 1: the Hirafu course; Start from the Grand Hirafu summer gondola.2: the Goshiki Onsen course 3:the Annupuri course; Start from the Niseko Annupuri gondola. Any one of these three courses would be a relatively easy fun climbing. Goshiki Onsen course will take you about 1 hr. 40 min. to the summit, and you could go back down on the Hirafu side using the summer gondola! 

Mt. Yotei is one of Japan’s top 100 famed mountains. There are three trailheads to the top in these surrounding towns, Kutchan, Makkari and Kimobetsu.
From the Makkari trailhead, it’ll take five hours for climbing up to the top, and another four for the descent. If you’d like to walk around the volcanic crater, you’ll need another two hours. During the summer, the summit flowers are in full bloom, and you’ll find birds and beautiful clouds around – the climb is worth it! 

If you climb Mt.Yotei, make sure to consult with a guide or someone who knows the mountain. There’s very little water on the mountain once the snow fields melt in the early summer, so make sure to bring at least two liters of water with you!

Climbing & Hiking

Hiking, trail running, and running trips

There are plenty of paths suitable for hiking and walking in Niseko. Not to mention trails around Hangetsu Lake and Shinsen Numa pond, there are lovely trails at the foot of Mt. Annupuri, such as the “Haru-no-Taki (Spring waterfall) course” and the “Koubou course.” These courses all have parking and you can’t miss any of four seasons to enjoy these beautiful tracks. The trail running is also fantastic! 

Trail running along mountains and through the woods has been getting more and more popular in the last few years in Japan. In addition to the above courses, the trail to Kagami-numa from the Tokyu Golf Course parking lot is highly recommended. If you’re looking for a challenge, why not try the NAC Trail Run event on Mt. Annupuri? 

A new way to enjoy running is to pick a tourist spot, café, or perhaps a vegetable stand, and run there! We recommend catching the “Fureai shuttle bus” run by Niseko town or using one of Niseko’s free green bikes to go from JR Niseko Station to the Arishima foot path.

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