Niseko, Japan


Niseko has become a hot spot for biking, with numerous options for road and mountain riding or competition in the quiet resort atmosphere. The air is crisp and clean – why not check out the wildflowers and scenery while listening to birds from a bike? Rentals are available for any type.


Niseko is a hotbed for cyclists these days, and not just for those looking to go out touring. From hardened athletes to those who just want to meander around on a bike, cyclists from all over are noticing Niseko. In addition to being selected over and over as a stage of Japan’s largest cycle race, the “Tour de Hokkaido,” we host several local races and events in Niseko, as well. 

One way to enjoy cycling is via “Destination Riding.” Niseko is dotted with relaxation and tourist spots, but if you choose a bike over a car or bus tour, you’ll notice all sorts of birds, sounds, plants, and animals you wouldn’t see through a bus window. From a bike, you can feel the subtle changes in the nature around. 

Or why not try exploring one of Niseko’s fantastic wooded trails or bike parks on a mountain bike? There are plenty of expert guides and instructors around, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy your riding no matter your level. 

Rentals are readily available to those on vacation, and, just like skis and snowboards, in Niseko all types and models are available. From road bikes to full-suspension mountain bikes, you’ll be able to enjoy your cycling however you’d like.


Enjoy Niseko the Eco Way

The Niseko Green Bike program provides free-to-use bicycles at six locations throughout Niseko Town, such as Kiranoyu Onsen (across from JR Niseko Station). See more information and a cycling map from here. Don’t be intimidated by the hilliness of Niseko, either! Using the Fureai shuttle bus from Niseko station, you can hitch a ride uphill with your bike for just 100 yen and enjoy cycling about without worries. 

Explore Niseko while being kind to the earth and see some of Niseko’s most beautiful places!

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