Niseko, Japan


There’s simply nothing better than enjoying the tastes of Hokkaido with friends in the outdoors – seasonal vegetables and seafood together. Enjoy different styles of BBQ by staying in a condominium with a grill or with a convenient Ghengis Khan mutton catering service, unique to Hokkaido.


Ghengis Khan is a specialty of people living in Hokkaido, typically a lamb dish with special spices. During the summer, whether you’re at a beer garden, swimming in the ocean, camping, or relaxing on your porch, you can be sure to find Ghengis Khan. 

Lately, people might say that they’re going to go barbecue, but to natives of Hokkaido, grilling meat and veggies always are called "Ghengis Khan". When you visit Niseko this summer with your family and friends, make sure to include Ghengis Khan as a part of your fun! 

Of course, you could order Ghengis Khan at restaurants in Hokkaido, but in Niseko we have slightly different ways of enjoying the dish. 

First of all, try catered Ghengis Khan, and leave everything to the specialists. If you’re in a campground or someplace else where they will let you build a fire, a Ghengis Khan catering services will set up the grill, bring the meat, food, and utensils, and even clean up afterwards! Naturally, you can stop by a vegetable stand and cook your own food alongside. We’ll leave the decision about where to hold your barbecue to you! 

Staying in a condominium with a kitchen? Well, of course, you’ll have to throw a home barbecue party! In Hokkaido, no matter where you go, you can pick up meat for Ghengis Khan at the supermarket, or just ask local people of their patronage. Don’t forget the wine and beer! Most condominiums include a dishwasher, so clean up will be easy.


Summer flavors from the ocean and the land

The Niseko area is ideal for farming, and a variety of seasonal crops thrive here. Fortunately, they always show up at the local markets, too! Be it asparagus, zucchini, or eggplant, make sure to try it grilled on a barbecue. There are numerous kinds of tomatoes, but sweet cherry tomatoes are only available in the summer. Of course, make sure to try Niseko’s famous potatoes on the barbecue, too! 

The nearby towns of Yoichi and Niki produce fantastic fruits such as cherries and watermelon, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the low prices! 

In Niseko you’re not just close the mountains, but the ocean, too. Toward the Japan Sea you’ll find Rankoshi and Iwanai, and on the Pacific side is the Funka Bay, easily reachable by car. Buy fresh scallops and squid by the seaside and then hold a seafood roast!

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