Niseko, Japan


Locally produced items from the Niseko/Kutchan area are recognised for their high quality throughout Japan and beyond.


Due to Hokkaido’s extreme climate the difference in temperature between day and night, the quality and sweetness of fruit and vegetables from the area is second to none. The best way to prove this is to experience Hokkaido produce in Niseko!

The quality of Niseko’s local products is due to the local farmers continued dedication and efforts.

Fresh products are available at the View Plaza (Michi-no-eki) in Niseko and supermarkets in Kutchan. There are also a number of processed food in which local farm products are used as the basic ingredient. While you are in Niseko, make sure you sample some of our local products.


Corn (early August - mid September)

In Niseko various kinds of sweet corn are grown. The new breed called Mirai is one of the most popular corns.

Potatoes (early August - October)

Niseko/Kutchan area is one of the top producers of potatoes in the so-called “the potato kingdom” Hokkaido. The popular kinds are Danshaku and Kita-akari. The new breeds Inka-no-mezame which taste like sweet chestnuts and vitamin C-rich Toya are also grown. Gosetsu Udon noodle and shochu are the area’s speciality products made from potatoes.

Asparagus (early May - late June)

After the thaw, Niseko’s spring comes with the season of tasty asparagus. While the traditional green asparagus is available, white asparagus can also be found. The new purple asparagus is also proving to be popular.

Beans (early August - mid September - Edamame season)

Soy beans, red beans, black beans, kidney beans, navy beans and many, many more! Niseko grows a large variety of beans. Even the popular Edamame (soybeans) taste different if you eat it just after it is picked!

Soba (late September - October)

From July to August, soba fields are fully covered by white flowers. In Autumn the savory soba noodles stimulate people’s appetite. In Niseko and around the foot of Mt. Yotei there are many handmade soba noodle restaurants where visitors can enjoy different recipes.


Dairy farms in Niseko are relatively small in size however as the cattle are kept in peaceful and harmonious evironments, Hokkaido milk is fresh and tasty. There are many ice cream shops, sweet shops and cheese factories where the products are produced on site.

Other major products produced in Niseko are rice, pumpkins, onions, melons, lily bulbs, tomatoes, zucchini and overwintered cabbages.

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