Niseko, Japan

2017-18 Night Skiing Opening

Enjoy the magic of night skiing during your visit!

2017-18 Night Skiing Opening

Niseko United has announced that the Night Skiing will commence on December 9th, 2017 and end on March 18th, 2018.

Business hours will be as follows:

  • Non Night Skiing period: 8:30 to 16:30 (8:30 to 16:00 in Hanazono Area)
  • During Night Skiing period: 8:30 to 20:30 (8:30 to 20:00 for Niseko Village. 8:30 to 16:00 in Hanazono Area)

Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy gliding on the slopes under the light! Unlike other ski resorts where night skiing is just for beginners, at Niseko, the evenings are for powder hounds, too! The area that is lit up is extensive, so it’s possible to enjoy many advanced areas and avoid the daytime crowd. After a little après ski action, it can be incredibly surreal bouncing around in the fresh powder under the lights.

    Due to winter season, road closures announcements 2017.

    Due to winter season, road closures announcements 2017.

    ①Closure section :  Iwanai - Toya Route (a. k. a  Panorama Line), Iwanai - Rankoshi Line, Kutchan - Niseko Line​

    Closure period: 23 rd October 2017  - May 2018 as planned

    ②Closure section : Shimamaki Pirika Line,  Shiraikawa Toyoura Line 

    Closure period: 6 November 2017 - May 2018 as planned 

    ③Closure section : Iwanai Toya Line / Kyowa oikomi 744 - Rankoshi Yunosato (Yunosato Gates) 18km 

    Closure date: 23 October 2017 

    ④Closure section : Route 268 Iwanai Rankoshi Line / Kyowa Oikomi - Rankoshi Niimi (Rankoshi Niimi Gates) 7km

    Closure date: 23 October 2017 

    ⑤Closure section :  Kutchan Niseko Line / Kutchan, Hanazono National Forest Park, 12 Rin pan Gate - Niseko cho/ Rankoshi cho (Goshiki Onsen Gates) 6km 

    Closure date: 11 a.m. 23 October 2017 

    ⑥Closure section : Shimamaki Pirika Line: Shimamaki Tomari 451 Gates - National Forest Park 3230 Rin pan 5km 

    Closure date: 2 p.m. 6 November 2017 

    ⑦Closure section : Shiroikawa Toyota Line: Kuromatsunai Higashikawa 374 - Higashikawa Mubannchi 4km 

    Closure date: 10 a.m. 6 November 2017  

    For inquiries, please call to the Otaru Construction Management Division, Rankoshi Branch Office  TEL 0136-57-5121

    2017 Le Guide Michelin for Niseko

    Dining News

    Find out which restaurants around Niseko are featured!

    Coming to Niseko and looking for the best gourmet experience? We are here to help!

    Here is a quick list of all the restaurants featured in the 2017 Le Guide Michelin - Hokkaido edition. And don't forget to check out the Niseko Wine & Dine Guide for the most complete restaurant info around the Niseko area.


    The Michelin-starred French restaurant is headed by Owner Chef Yuichi Kamimura, a Hokkaido local who spent years perfecting his craft under the renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda in Sydney’s Tetsuya’s.

    2017 Le Guide Michelin for Niseko

    Teuchi-Soba Ichimura

    Niseko-famous, Ichimura is a popular choice for lunch for locals and visitors to the area. Using only the best of fresh, local ingredients for their soba and famous tempura, each bite is a treat.

    2017 Le Guide Michelin for Niseko

    Bistro Kutchan Sakaba

    Excellent food at a reasonable price. Head Chef Tsuyoshi trained at the Michelin-starred French restaurant Kamimura before opening up his own place in Kutchan. His tapas-style menu is complemented with an impressive wine list.

    2017 Le Guide Michelin for Niseko

    Other restarants in the area featured in the guide

    Oudon Cafe Hozuki Udon noodle 0136-21-7711
    Nakama Ramen noodle 0136-22-0660
    Sobadokoro Rakuichi Soba noodle 0136-58-3170
    Del Sole Pizza 0136-58-3535
    Ezo Ramen Katsuji Ramen noodle 0136-57-6172
    Sato Sushi 0136-22-0263
    Hanayoshi Sushi 0136-44-3444
    Loft Club BBQ/Ghengis Khan 0136-44-2883

    Don't forget to download the official Niseko app to access the restaurant info right in your palm.

    2017 Le Guide Michelin for Niseko

    Niseko Vibes - Autumn Mix 2017 Released!

    Niseko News

    Niseko Vibes - Autumn Mix 2017 Released!

    Looking for some great tune for autumn? Look no further.

    Created by local artist Masaki 'mfp' Konagai, Niseko Vibes presents heart-warming tunes for chilly Niseko fall season. The journey includes a rare Italian library music, contemporary/spiritual jazz, classic Jazz funk, Hip Hop instrumentals, new/old Soul, a cover of classic Japanese soul, Lo-fi house, rare Disco, and more! Enjoy the mix with a beautiful view of autumn leaves!

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