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Powder Yoga Winter Season Passes

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Get ready for another winter with Powder Yoga!

Powder Yoga Winter Season Passes

Powder Yoga has launched their winter passes!

This year, they will be holding weekly kids yoga classes too. They will open on November 16th in Aya Hirafu.


We still have a few more weeks until we truly settle in to the life in white, but we just can't wait for the season to begin. And so Powder Yoga has decided to launch their unlimited season pass a little earlier this year. You can grab your full unlimited season pass for just 39,500JPY at their Super Early Bird Rate! This amazing price is available until November 15th. Their full winter timetable starts in Aya Hotel, Hirafu, on November 16th.

Each week we have added more classes to the timetable to get you moving. Their classes are the perfect compliment for your powder playtime activities, helping you to build strength, flexibility and balance in both your body and mind. Through a regular yoga practice you can Improve performance and prevent injury, helping you get the most of the season ahead.

For the full lineup please check out the timetable images below or visit our timetable page in the menu. Your pass will be valid for all regular timetabled classes from November 16th until March 31st. If you wish to purchase a combined Niseko Fitness and Powder Yoga pass at our epic flash sale pricing (65,500 Yen) please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Passes can be purchased HERE.

Drop in classes are 1500JPY with locals card!

Unlimited Powder Yoga Class are priced as follows:

•November 1st – 15th: Super Early Bird Full Season Pass – 39,500

•November 15th – 30th: Early Bird Full Season Pass – 42,500

•December 1st: Full Season Pass – 45,500

Unlimited Powder Yoga + Niseko Fitness Class are priced as follows:

•November 1st – 15th: Super Early Bird Full Season Pass – 65,500

•November 15th – 30th: Early Bird Full Season Pass – 71,500

•December 1st: Full Season Pass – 77,500

For inquiries:

Powder Yoga

Email: [email protected]

New Niseko Travel Journey

Niseko News

A safe way to enjoy Niseko this winter!

New Niseko Travel Journey

​COVID-19 has taken every one us by shock. Borders shut, confinement was imposed/has been imposed in many parts of the world and Japan has taken its own measures to tackle this global health issue.

Respecting the pandemic, New Niseko Travel Journey was introduced. Same as any other as they have been always, these guidelines help you to remind you to protect yourself and protect the community.

A brighter tourism future shall be ahead of us, but for a while, we must to learn to live with the given conditions in order to still enjoy traveling. 

For the PDF version of the photo, click HERE.

Check out the COVID guidelines from Niseko United HERE.

Download the COCOA app from the Apple App Store HERE and from the Google Play Store HERE.

Pre Trip

  • Cancel your trip if you feel sick
  • Don't forget your mask
  • Download the COCOA app & the Official Niseko App

During The Trip

  • Wash & sanitize your hands regularly
  • Wear a mask
  • Temperature check on arrival & every morning
  • Practice social distancing
  • Avoid crowded spots
  • Keep distance at restaurants
  • Don't touch souvenirs while shopping
  • Use cashless payment

After The Trip

  • Make sure to check your temperature during the two weeks after your trip
  • If you tested positive after your PCR test, register your result on the COCOA app and inform all contacts and businesses you visited. Please also contact Kutchan Health Centre Tel: 0136-23-1957 (Office Hours: Weekdays 8:45-17:00)

La villa LUPICIA - Reopening

Lupcia Renovations

La villa LUPICIA - Reopening

La villa LUPICIA restaurant is currently closed and will be reopening on Friday, 6th November 2020.

With a new range of tasty in-house beers born from the passion of the master brewer and created from crisp, clear Niseko spring water.

A new delicious international food menu, fresh & unfiltered beer and sublime views of Mt. Yotei will have you coming back for more.

We look forward to welcoming you again this winter season.

More info on the La Villa Lupicia website.

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Dining News

Enjoy Niseko Gourmet's take on traditional Japanese meals to delectable Thai cuisine.

​The awaited Niseko Gourmet's winter menu is out! From traditional Japanese meals to exotic Thai cuisine, Niseko Gourmet has it all. Let's check out some of their menus and pictures of enticing looking dishes by their chefs.

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Sushi lovers will love the flavourful Sushi prepared fresh in front of them by Sushi Master Kamada San. Each diner can enjoy eight artfully crafted pieces of sushi served from a traditional sushi bar set up in the comfort of your home. Enjoy market-fresh scallops, salmon, chutoro, maguro, white seasonal fish, mackerel, sweet prawns and egg are included in the service. Choose either sukiyaki with Hokkaido Tokachi and wagyu beef shoulder loin, or shabu-shabu with Hokkaido Makkari herb pork shoulder loin, or Tokachi apple beef shoulder loin, Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leeks, carrot, enoki, tofu, noodles and accompaniments.

Price: Starts from 67,500JPY for a group of six, plus 10% service charge

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Get ready for a memorable experience as Chef Abe San meticulously prepares a Fugu Dinner. An acclaimed delicacy wherein poisonous parts of the puffer fish are removed before cooking the meat, this thrilling meal comprises a variety of fugu dishes such as hot sake flavoured with grilled fugu fins, sashimi, fried fugu and fugu hot pot. A story that you are sure to retell at many dinner parties in the years to come.

Price: 25,500JPY per person for a minimum of six people, plus 10% service charge

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Chef Tanaka San’s Tempura Dinner is a tale of the freshest seafood. The meal includes three kinds of market-fresh sashimi and 10 pieces of delicate seafood and vegetable tempura (including king prawn, sea eel, squid, whitefish, rockfish, lotus root, sweet potato, eggplant, leek and shiitake mushroom) per person. This sumptuous selection is served with three varieties of Japanese salt, seasonal salad with scallops and yuzu dressing, Ten-Chazuke (tempura rice), dashi, green tea soup, and red bean steamed bun tempura.

Price: 15,200JPY per person for a minimum of six people, plus 10% service charge

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Treat your tastebuds to Kaiseki, a sumptuous multi-course meal skillfully prepared by Chef Abe San. Savour fresh seasonal ingredients and sashimi followed by Hobayaki and oyster shabu nabe. End the feast with home-made vanilla ice cream paired with quince or yamabudo mountain grapes.

Price: 15,200JPY per person for a minimum of six people, plus 10% service charge

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Allow Chef Tanaka San to prepare a delicious Seafood and Wagyu Dinner for you and your group. A fantastic gastronomic affair with smoked salmon, seasonal vegetables, yuzu, tomato and basil dressing, shrimp, avocado mayonnaise and crackers, grilled scallops with potage of sugar snap peas, rock fish with pine nut butter sauce, lobster with capsicum cream sauce, broccoli, seared Hokkaido wagyu beef steak, red wine sauce, gateau chocolat, berry and mango sauce. Wow, that’s quite a regal feast.

Price: 15,200JPY per person for a minimum of six people, plus 10% service charge

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Try Tanaka San’s modern take on the classic Seven Course Degustation and taste the ever-changing seasons of Japan. Using only seasonal produce, Chef Tanaka San celebrates Hokkaido's bounty by deciding the menu on the day itself after seeing what local and fresh ingredients are available in the market.

Price: 15,200JPY per person for a minimum of six people, plus 10% service charge

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

Settle down for a delightful Thai Family-Style Dinner prepared by Chef Annie. The four-course Thai dinner is served in sharing portions and cooked using local ingredients with Thai accents. Choices include fresh spring rolls, chicken satay, grilled beef salad, prawn and squid curry powder sauce, tom yum goong, tom kha gai, duck curry, coconut curried mussels with basil, and chicken khao soi.

Price: 8,500JPY per person for a minimum of six people, plus 10% service charge

Click HERE to explore more.

Discover Niseko Gourmet Decadent Winter Menu

The menus are subject to availability. Niseko Gourmet also offers provisioning and gourmet meal delivery services. 

Niseko Gourmet have implemented strict hygiene controls and procedures in light of the current COVID-19 situation. Their staff members have undergone extensive training and safety management measures have been put into place. Hand sanitisers are available for the use of the staff and customers, dining tables and chairs are disinfected before and after dinner service, and all silverware and equipment are chemically hot washed so you can enjoy your meals stress-free.

​To get in touch click HERE.

2020/21 Locals Card - Applications Open

2020/21 Locals Card is Here!

2020/21 Locals Card - Applications Open

The 2020/21 Locals Card is HERE!!

This year's Locals Card is here with tones of benefits for Niseko Tourism Members and their staff.

This year, the card itself is made from a more environmentally friendly material so you can reap the benefits guilt-free!

Check out all the benefits and offers on the Explore Niseko website, or download the Official Niseko App to get all the info.

To get a 2020/21 Locals Card, please apply HERE and bring your identification and proof of the company you work for to the Niseko Tourism office: map here.

Office: Mon - Fri 9:00-18:00

Offers for the 2020-21 Locals Card program will run from 13 Nov, 2020 through 31 Oct, 2021.

"Who can get a Locals Card?" - Locals working for Niseko Tourism member organizations can get a Locals Card.

If your company is not a Niseko Tourism member, contact us today and find out how to join!

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