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2020-21 Resort Map and Niseko Area Guide, Wine & Dine Now Available!

Find out all the latest Niseko area information.

2020-21 Resort Map and Niseko Area Guide, Wine & Dine Now Available!

​The 2020-21 Resort Maps and Area Guide, Wine & Dine are Niseko's official area guides with information about local restaurants, activities, and different services.

This year's Resort Maps and Wine & Dine Guide have now arrived in Niseko and will be available at information centers and many businesses in the Niseko area.

Gracing the cover of the Resort Map are photos shot by photographer Aaron Jamieson - a year-round resident of Niseko.

The image on the cover of the Wine & Dine was shot by the team at Tasting Kitchen Magazine during their visit to the area. We have also included special coupons sections in this year's Wine & Dine to further promote different businesses.

If you haven't picked up a Wine & Dine yet, you can read the full publication online here.

Also make sure to check out all the restaurants and eateries online on the official Wine & Dine website, and all the best area activities on the official Area Guide website.

All our publications and information can be accessed via the Official Niseko App so you can get all you need to know right in the palm of your hand. Download the Niseko App for Apple devices here and for Android devices here.

Download the resort map PDF here:

GoTo Niseko - The Ultimate Guide

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The best way to enjoy Niseko this Winter

GoTo Niseko - The Ultimate Guide

For years, Niseko has been known internationally as Japan's best ski resort for it's incredible powder snow, luxurious places to stay, world-class restaurants, and above all - unforgettable experiences. 

Now it's your turn to discover Niseko and have it all to yourself. 

Make the most of the GoTo Travel Campaign this winter and experience the best winter holiday possible - in Niseko.  We have created the ultimate GoTo Guide for Niseko, so you can enjoy the best that Niseko has to offer with local businesses that are registered with the popular campaign.

GoTo Niseko - The Ultimate Guide

Ski Resorts:

Niseko United is made up of four world-class resorts, offering skiers and snowboarders a huge area to explore and the best powder snow on earth. All resorts have cafes, restaurants, rental and many other services, most of which can be used as part of the GoTo campaign.

GoTo Niseko - The Ultimate Guide

Wide Variety of Accommodation:

Of all the ski resorts in Japan, Niseko leads the way in many aspects, but the places to stay in Niseko make it really stand out. There's a huge range of accommodation options across the Niseko area participating in GoTo. No matter what style you're looking for, Niseko has accommodation options for you.

Hotel & Ryokan

Pensions, Lodge, Bed & Breakfast

Condominium & House

  • Vacation Niseko: 35% discount on the stay, plus 15% in coupons to be used at all participating locations. There are limits in place for both offers.
  • MnK Niseko: Map HERE. Up to 50% discount. Check the website for more info.
  • Holiday Niseko: Up to 50% discount! Check the web for more info and their properties.
  • NISADE: Up to 50% discount. Check the web for more and for their properties.
  • TAIGA: Discounts available at a range of properties. Check their website for more details.
  • Niseko Wow: Discounts available at a range of properties. Check their website for more details.
GoTo Niseko - The Ultimate Guide

Stunning Restaurants:

Niseko is well known for having an amazing dining scene with Michelin star restaurants, local and international cuisine, and exciting nightlife.

Enjoy dining out and discover stunning taste sensations.

GoTo Niseko - The Ultimate Guide

Exciting Activities and Adventures:

There are so many ways to experience Niseko's stunning winter season - from adrenaline-pumping snowmobiling and adventurous backcountry skiing to tranquil onsens and therapeutic yoga classes. Discover the world-class experience Niseko has become famous for and make the most of a trip to Japan's premiere resort destination.

Car rentals:

Additional Guides:

*Please note that this list will keep getting updated if/when we receive new information.

Powder Yoga Winter Season Passes

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Get ready for another winter with Powder Yoga!

Powder Yoga Winter Season Passes

Powder Yoga has launched their winter passes!

This year, they will be holding weekly kids yoga classes too. They will open on November 16th in Aya Hirafu.


We still have a few more weeks until we truly settle in to the life in white, but we just can't wait for the season to begin. And so Powder Yoga has decided to launch their unlimited season pass a little earlier this year. You can grab your full unlimited season pass for just 39,500JPY at their Super Early Bird Rate! This amazing price is available until November 15th. Their full winter timetable starts in Aya Hotel, Hirafu, on November 16th.

Each week we have added more classes to the timetable to get you moving. Their classes are the perfect compliment for your powder playtime activities, helping you to build strength, flexibility and balance in both your body and mind. Through a regular yoga practice you can Improve performance and prevent injury, helping you get the most of the season ahead.

For the full lineup please check out the timetable images below or visit our timetable page in the menu. Your pass will be valid for all regular timetabled classes from November 16th until March 31st. If you wish to purchase a combined Niseko Fitness and Powder Yoga pass at our epic flash sale pricing (65,500 Yen) please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Passes can be purchased HERE.

Drop in classes are 1500JPY with locals card!

Unlimited Powder Yoga Class are priced as follows:

•November 1st – 15th: Super Early Bird Full Season Pass – 39,500

•November 15th – 30th: Early Bird Full Season Pass – 42,500

•December 1st: Full Season Pass – 45,500

Unlimited Powder Yoga + Niseko Fitness Class are priced as follows:

•November 1st – 15th: Super Early Bird Full Season Pass – 65,500

•November 15th – 30th: Early Bird Full Season Pass – 71,500

•December 1st: Full Season Pass – 77,500

For inquiries:

Powder Yoga

Email: [email protected]

New Niseko Travel Journey

Niseko News

A safe way to enjoy Niseko this winter!

New Niseko Travel Journey

​COVID-19 has taken every one us by shock. Borders shut, confinement was imposed/has been imposed in many parts of the world and Japan has taken its own measures to tackle this global health issue.

Respecting the pandemic, New Niseko Travel Journey was introduced. Same as any other as they have been always, these guidelines help you to remind you to protect yourself and protect the community.

A brighter tourism future shall be ahead of us, but for a while, we must to learn to live with the given conditions in order to still enjoy traveling. 

For the PDF version of the photo, click HERE.

Check out the COVID guidelines from Niseko United HERE.

Download the COCOA app from the Apple App Store HERE and from the Google Play Store HERE.

Pre Trip

  • Cancel your trip if you feel sick
  • Don't forget your mask
  • Download the COCOA app & the Official Niseko App

During The Trip

  • Wash & sanitize your hands regularly
  • Wear a mask
  • Temperature check on arrival & every morning
  • Practice social distancing
  • Avoid crowded spots
  • Keep distance at restaurants
  • Don't touch souvenirs while shopping
  • Use cashless payment

After The Trip

  • Make sure to check your temperature during the two weeks after your trip
  • If you tested positive after your PCR test, register your result on the COCOA app and inform all contacts and businesses you visited. Please also contact Kutchan Health Centre Tel: 0136-23-1957 (Office Hours: Weekdays 8:45-17:00)

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