Niseko, Japan


Wine & Dine, Niseko's essential restaurant, bar and cafe guide


Experience authentic Japanese dishes of which ingredients are mostly Niseko's fresh produce including vegies, fruits, meat, and seafood!


Sushi, sashimi, tempra, hot-pot, shabu-shabu, teppan-yaki... from simple but great homestyle to the art of culinary creation... all can be experienced in Niseko!


Izakaya are Japanese bars and the best places for social interaction and to meet new people. Drop in and make friends with the locals!


Although Niseko is known as a mountain resort, the area is also close to the sea, only a 40-min drive away. Needless to say, you can enjoy great sushi with fresh tasty seafood!


In early summer, you may get to see fields of pretty soba flowers all around the area. Try traditional soba noodle (buckwheat noodle) made from fresh local ingredient!

Soup Curry

"King of B-class Gourmet" - originated in and spread all over Japan from Hokkaido! There are a few soup curry restaunrants also in Niseko - be sure you try!


Hokkaido is a "Ramen Heaven"! Ramen is very popular a food among both Japanese and international visitors due to its wide range of variations!

Genghis Khan/BBQ

People in Hokkaido love enjoying Genghis Khan (grilled mutton dish) under cherry trees while the flowers are blossoming...but you can enjoy it throughout the year in Niseko!


Buffet menus, udon noodle (wheat noodle), etc.


Italian, French, American, Chinese, Asia, ethnic foods.... pick whatever you feel like!


You can simply have a nice lunch/dinner time with your family and friends by surrounding a table full of dishes of great Chinese delicacy.


Niseko is one of few places which offers a wider variety of international cuisines than you can find anywhere else in Japan.


Enjoy fresh pieces hot from the oven! Takeaway available.


From casual burgers to a fine seven-course dinner. Popular catering services include a chef/chefs vititing your accommodation to cook and serve just in front of you!


Dining bars, night clubs, a jazz bar with live music, a cigar bar...


Cafes are dotted all around in the Niseko area. Enjoy a slow time with a nice cup of aromatic coffee in a beautiful nature of the resort.


Made with Hokkaido wheat flour and local seasonal fruits, freshly-baked bread and pastries are as if blissful gifts for you to start a brand new day!


If you are a sweets fanatic, you can't miss Niseko's lineup of seasonally-varying delectable sweets!!


Niseko's delicacies such as dairy products, sweets, farm products, organic bread, and so on can be brought home as a great souvenir for your family and friends!

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