Niseko, Japan

"UCABU" Photobook Exhibition

Photography exhibition and photobook “UCABU” sale by local photographer Junichiro Watanabe will take place from 18-21pm on 17th Nov, 15-20pm on 18th and 13-18pm on 19th, at Niseko Town’s Stone Storehouses “Chuo Souko” (5 min walk from Niseko Station).

The exhibition entails Junichiro’s photo compilation of local Niseko pro snowboarders from the previous winter 2017 season. Also included with his exhibition will be a short film covering some of the highlights of the snowboarder group during the photo shooting.

Niseko local Rakuda izakaya will be catering the food and beer, and green tea drinks will be provided by g r e e n s a s o for the opening party. Please come by for some serious snowboard photo action and for good community fun before winter season!

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