Niseko, Japan

Add Nippon Spark To Your Life

Add Nippon Spark To Your Life

For all foreigners who hope to immerse yourself in local community.

If you want to experience winter sports,but also local Japanese culture, why don’t you join an event “Add Nippon Spark to your life”?

We are students from Otaru University of Commerce, supervised by Kaori Sasaki (center for Language Studies) . We have carried out research in the Niseko area and found that there are number of foreign residents who wish to engage in local activity and /or to get to know the local people and culture. We thus plan this event in the hope to provide you with an opportunity to have such an experience.

You will join language class or Japanese class. In order to deepen your experience, we will provide you lots of activities. In the end of the event, all the participants will get together to enjoy some performances.

Please access the URL or the QR code to enroll. (You have to add couple of info about yourself)We provide you the “Nippon spark” and joy for you.

VENUE: Kutchan town hall
TIME: Mar.16th (1pm-5pm)
DOORS OPEN: 12:30pm
FEE: ¥500( for your early supper)

Please feel free to contact us via email address below
[email protected]

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