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Supermarket LUCKY Kutchan - Special event in February, 2016

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①Try UCC Caffeine Free Coffee
 You can try the Japan Premium Caffeine Free Coffee.
 And we also have the Japanese style game to play.

②Tea Ceremony Experience
 The Japanese Tea Ceremony, a style of making tea, called "Ryurei" by Mr. Eura, you can feel and experience a real Japanese culture.
 Feb. 6th(Sat)11:00-19:00

Supermarket Lucky

1-1-11,Minami-2jo-Nishi,Kucchan-cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido ,044-0032
TEL: 0136-21-3677
E-mail:  [email protected]

Japanese Festival -WAZA- (11th Feb. 2016)

Niseko News, Winter News

Japanese Festival WAZA in Hotel Niseko Alpen
Experience traditional Japanese culture.

All programs above are Free.

Come and enjoy the Japanese culture experience!

<KIRIGAMI Experience>
Experience a traditional Japanese fun folk art created by paper and scissors.
You can make simple but beautiful paper craft.

<SHODOU Experience>
SHODOU is Japanese traditional art form which shows the beauty of letters by written with
Sumi using bamboo and animal hair brush called Fude. How about creating calligraphy pieace
of your choise of Kanji.

<SADOU Experience>
How about experiencing a Japanese Tea Ceremony?
You will have a delicious tea and a confention. Professional tea master will make your tea
in a traditional way and teach you how to enjoy the ceremony.
On this program, you will experience a picnic style NODATE version, sitting on a bench
under the traditional Japanese paper unbrella.

<KIMONO Dressing Experience>
Why not trying to dress Japanese Kimono the traditional costume?
We offer you the Easy-wuick Special Kimono. You will put on Kimono of your choise
over your own cloths. We will assist you choosing and dressing Kimono.

<Launching of fireworks (section 2)>
At the completion of night skiing, there will be a display of fireworks, an art that Japan treats with great pride. The display will take place on the lower part of the Alpen Course in front of the Hotel Niseko Alpen.

Please come and see the magnificent display of fireworks against the backdrop of the dark night sky!


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