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The 1st STRIDER Enjoy Cup Niseko Stage

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The STRIDER Enjoy Cup is taking place for the first time this summer in Niseko as “Niseko Stage”. The STRIDER Cup is also known as the world’s youngest riders’ race.

Date and time: Sunday, 28 August 2016
Place: Niseko Grand Hirafu
Qualifying age: 2-6 years old (pre‐school children only)
Participant capacity: 400
Participation fee: 3,000 yen
Entry period: Tuesday, 28 June 2016 - Sunday, 7 August 2016


Strider is designed for toddlers and little kids to have an exciting and thrilling bike experience without the hard struggle practicing. The revolutionary bike was first produced as a "new bike for a rider to move forward by kicking the ground" in America in 2007. Strider Bikes are a great balance bike for kids aged 18 months to 5 years, and the simplicity of the Bike allows children to concentrate on the fundamental skills of balancing, leaning, and steering while propelling thebike in a natural way.

Strider have now sold more than 1,000,000 bikes world-wide and have taught more toddlers and young children how to ride a bike than any other brand. 

About STRIDER Enjoy Cup

The purpose of the race is nothing but to Enjoy.
The STRIDER Enjoy Cup is for those little ones who have just begun to ride STRIDER but already want to join a race, or for those who just love STRIDER and love to have lots of fun with the bike. Anyone who can ride STRIDER is welcome to take part in the Enjoy Cup.

STRIDER Enjoy Cup Secretariat Office
Gallup, 801 City Terrace Tamachi
3-15-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒108-0023
TEL:03-6435-4374 〔Office hours: 10:00 - 17:00 on Mon-Fri except national holidays〕
※ Entry for the race cannot be made by calling the office.

Eメール:[email protected]

Dancers Wanted 54th Kutchan Jaga Festival "Jaga dance by 1,000 dancers" Dancers Wanted

Dancers Wanted 54th Kutchan Jaga Festival

The biggest summer event in Kutchan the 54th Kutchan Jaga Festival will be held on 6 and 7 August. The Jaga dance by 1,000 dancers will take place in the evening on Sunday, 7 August, and the Team NPB for members is participating in the dance for the first time. Why not come join us dance to add to the festive mood of the summer event. This year, the specially selected area ambassadors “Lady Niseko 2016”, who are currently being recruited, will join the dance, too.

If you and your colleagues would like to join us as a representative of your company, let us know a contact person who can organise the details shown below. (Please contact us prior to application should you have a large number of dancers in your group.) 
■Date and time:Sunday, 7 August 2016; Dance starts at 18:30 (with fireworks as a cue)
■Meeting time:18:00 (The participants must be in yukata and all prepared for the dance by the meeting time.)
■Meeting place:At the parking of Café SPROUT near the JR Kutchan Station
■Application deadline:Saturday, 9 July 2016
■The dance starts at 18:30 with fireworks as a cue. The participants shall dance and march in a column of fours to the goal at where they will be dismissed.
■Outfit:Yukata/obi (belt)/setta (sandals) rental available
■Practice sessions:The participants will be notified as soon as the schedule is set. We will also forward a Youtube video in which an instructor demonstrates the dance to the participants who cannot participate in the sessions and need to practice on their own. 
■Prize for participants:Uchiwa (fan),  mameshibori (washcloth), soft drinks (after the parade)
◎Requests to the applicants and the contact person
・Please apply with the number of participants (apply here)
・The contact person shall be responsible for hiring and returning the outfit (yukata/obi/setta)  
・The contact person must be reachable in the case of rain on the day. Please put a contact number in the application form the NPB secretariat can reach on the day. The decision on whether the parade takes place or not will be made at 4p.m. on the day.
◎Note on outfit rental
・Yukata, obi, setta: Please note that the outfit will be only available for the size of Female or Male – no detailed measured size available.
・The outfit rental service is to be offered by the Kutchan Social Welfare Association. Please return the used outfit to the NPB secretariat on Monday, 8 August so that the secretariat can take them all together to the cleaner. Please remember that the outfit has been/will be shared by others – please do not leave them unwashed as it causes them to go mouldy.
<Inquiries> Tani at NPB office (TEL: 0136-21-2551)

Notification of traffic control for Niseko Classic road race (Sunday, 10 July)

Having become an international race from this year, the 3rd UCI Niseko Classic rally will take place throughout Kutchan-cho, Kyowa-cho, Rankoshi-cho and Niseko-cho on Sunday, 10 July. Since the full-scale road races of 140 km and 70 km courses are penetrating the towns, partial traffic controls are scheduled to be implemented in the region.

We are sorry to trouble all of you in the area and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Should you have any questions on this matter, please contact the executive committee office on 0136-55-6081. A road map (6.58 MB of PDF) with details of the traffic control can be downloaded here.

Outline of the traffic control:

  1. Because of expected traffic jams, please refrain from entering with vehicles in the designated courses during the race as much as possible.
  2. Please note that, even at the controlled sections where two-lane roads are available, vehicles cannot move forward in the same direction as the race. 
  3. When the racers are approaching, making right turns/U-turns and crossing the road are prohibited.
  4. There may be slight changes in the control schedule depending on the race situation. Please follow the instruction of the traffic controller at the scene.
  5. When passing racing bikes on the road, please drive slowly and carefully to maintain road safety.
Notification of traffic control for Niseko Classic road race (Sunday, 10 July) Notification of traffic control for Niseko Classic road race (Sunday, 10 July)

34th Niseko Marathon Festival

34th Niseko Marathon Festival

Applications are now open for the 34th Niseko Marathon Festival which will be held on the 18th September 2016 (Sun). In the last 34 years the Niseko Town Marathon Festival has become a beloved event to the local community. This event couldn’t exist without the incredible athletes who come and participate every year, so thank you very much!

◇Race courses:

■Half marathon (21.09km) 
Men (High school – 39 years old), 40-59 years old
Women (High school and above)
60 years old and above

Men (High school – 39 years old)
Women (High school – 39 years old)
Men (40 – 59 years old)
60 years old and above
Women (40 years old and above)

Men (Middle school – 39 years old)
Women (Middle school – 39 years old)
40 – 59 years old
60 years old and above

Elementary school boys
Elementary school girls
Parents & children (elementary and younger)
Open (Middle school and above) 

◇Opening ceremony: 08:45
◇Start times: 09:30 (Half Marathon) 10:35 (10km) 11:10 (5km) 10:05 (3km)
*Please be sure to arrive at the event grounds at least an hour before your race.
◇Start line: Niseko Town Athletics Field 
◇Finish line: Niseko Town Athletics Field
◇Prizes: Top 6 runners in each category
All participants receive a commemorative Niseko Marathon long sleeved T-Shirt

◇Application period: 
16th June 2016 (Thu) - 29th July 2016 (Fri)

◇Participation fee:
Adults & high school students – 3,500 yen  
Elementary and middle school students – 2,000 yen 
Parent and child pair – 4,500 yen

◇Application method:
Please send postal applications to: 
Niseko Marathon Entry Centre
060-0006, Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, Kita 6-jo 20-chome, 2-3 ISUM Building 

◇Online & smart phone applications can be made via RUNNET

There is a special discount available for Niseko Town residents. For more information please see the Niseko Marathon Festival information pack. Information packs will automatically be sent to last year’s participants.

To make enquiries about the Niseko Marathon Festival or request an information pack please contact one of the following:
Niseko Marathon Entry Centre   Contact. 011-622-1100
Niseko Marathon Festival Executive Committee   Contact. 0136-44-2034

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