Niseko, Japan

Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic By Certified D.O.

Fix your Injury, tune up your body!

Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic By Certified D.O.

Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy which looks for the root cause of your trouble.

For bodily injury, Headaches, neck pain & sciatica, knee and ankle pain; shoulder or wrist pain...For Stress, Chronic fatigue & sleeping disorders, stomach issue...To improve muscle recovery & organ function, to re-balance the body...

Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic will work on different areas of the body which have a link to your injury or pain and therefore affect your recovery. For example, for lower back pain, they check your whole musculoskeletal system, organs, posture and cranio-sacral to make a functional diagnostic which determines your treatment plan. In this way, they can reach the best results in both short and long term.

In Tokyo since 2010, they are highly qualified for treating sport injury and chronic troubles. As an exclusive practitioner for Ferrari racing drivers, they have tons of experiences working with athletes. 

On top of it, as a certified D.O., you may be covered by your medical insurance for your visit with them!

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