Niseko, Japan

Niseko Yu Meguri Pass

If you want to experience the different hot springs (Onsens) in Niseko, "Niseko Yu Meguri Pass" is the way to go!

Niseko Yu Meguri Pass

​Niseko area is not only famous for ski resort, but there are so many awesome Onsens. You can go and enjoy Onsens after sliding on the slope, and it will relieve the weariness.

"Niseko Yu Meguri Pass" is providing everyone with easy access to Niseko's Onsens.

There are three types of "Niseko Yu Meguri Pass" available in Mt Yotei areas, covering all sorts of Onsens in different areas: Iwanai, Kyowa, Kuromatsunai, Suttsu and Shimamaki.

How to use the "Niseko Yu Meguri Pass"

​・Facilities in the red group (entrance fee below 600 Yen) require either one red or one blue seal!

・Facilities in the red group (entrance fee above 600 Yen) require either one blue seal or two red seals!

・You can check out all information about the participating facilities on their website.

・One pass can be used by more than one person. The pass is valid for 180 days from the issue date.

・Please keep in mind that every Onsen may slightly differ in opening hour or handling of the pass etc.

・Some Onsens might be closed due to cleaning, reservations or maintenance.

・Please check the opening hours and admission period, before visiting an Onsen.

Niseko Yu Meguri Pass

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