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Farm to Flame: Niseko's Newest Restaurant - Kumo

Nowhere in Niseko can you ski-in and ski-out to experience an izayaka, until now.

Farm to Flame: Niseko's Newest Restaurant - Kumo

Kumo Restaurant is Niseko’s answer to casual Japanese dining (otherwise known in the west as a “Japanese pub”) with Hokkaido produce at its core.

Situated at the top of Hirafu village at new luxury Skye Niseko, the restaurant serves traditional Hokkaido izakaya favourites, like zangi—Hokkaido’s own karaage or “fried chicken”), as well as dishes inspired by broader Asia.

Kumo Restaurant’s Food & Beverage Manager, Richard Robbins, who has lived and worked in Hokkaido for over seven years with five of those in Niseko, says as many ingredients as possible are sourced locally through both new and long-term relationships built with local growers, fisheries and producers.

“We’ve got seafood, meat, vegetables from local farms and local markets. There’s a lot of connections we go through to build
collaboration with the suppliers and farms. Hokkaido is known for its seafood and dairy so we try to connect those suppliers as much as possible,” Robbins explains.


Farm to Flame: Niseko's Newest Restaurant - Kumo

2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival Transportation Updates

Coming to Niseko in September can be THIS easy!

2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival
2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival

During the 2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival (from Sep 13th through Sep 16th), there are many different ways for you to get to Niseko. Here are some useful information:

1. Supported by Travel Alliance Hokkaido, FREE SHUTTLES BETWEEN SAPPORO and NISEKO are available.

To reinforce our eco-focused goal for the 1st Niseko Autumn Food Festival, we would like to reduce visitors driving themselves. Please click HERE to book (first come, first serve). See below shuttle schedule:

Niseko Hirafu Welcome Center=>Sapporo Odori Park Sapporo Odori Park=>Niseko Hirafu Welcome Center
Thursday, Sep 13th - 9:00 departure from Niseko Thursday, Sep 13th - 15:00 departure from Sapporo
Friday, Sep 14th - 9:00 departure from Niseko Friday, Sep 14th - 15:00 departure from Sapporo
N/A Saturday, Sep 15th - 10:00 departure from Sapporo
Sunday, Sep 16th - 19:00 departure from Niseko Sunday, Sep 16th - 10:00 departure from Sapporo

2. Supported by Shiki Niseko, FREE SHUTTLES BETWEEN KUTCHAN JR STATION and NISEKO HIRAFU CROSS SECTION are available. No reservation required (first come, first serve). See below for schedule:

Kuctah JR Station => Niseko Hirafu Cross Section Niseko Hirafu Cross Section=> Kuctah JR Station
18:00 18:30
19:00 20:00

3. Travel Alliance Hokkaido is offering  ¥2,000 OFF per van per way to/from Niseko anytime in September - mention promotion code “2018NAFF” when booking.

Email: [email protected] today and book your September airport transportation or day trip need!

New Chitose Airport ⇄ Niseko Area: 2018 Summer Shuttle Available Till 14th October!

NPB News, Summer News

Now you can take shuttle to Niseko, no reservation needed!

New Chitose Airport ⇄ Niseko Area: 2018 Summer Shuttle Available Till 14th October!

Starting 1 August through 14 October, Chuo Bus provides summer shuttle services between New Chitose Airpot to Niseko Area! No reservation necessary.

Round Trip Fee : Adult: ¥4,500, Child (under 12 years old) ¥2,250. For one way, see below chart!

New Chitose => Niseko One Way Price Bus Station Niseko=> New Chitose One Way Price
10:00↓ 14:00 ↓ N/A for this bus New Chitose Airport #12
10:01↓ 14:01↓ N/A for this bus International line #66 12:09↑ 18:09↑ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300
New Chitose Airport 12:08↑ 18:08↑ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300
10:10↓ 14:10↓ N/A for this bus JR station Chitose Airport 11:59↑ 17:59↑ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300
11:54↓ 15:54↓ Adult: ¥2,050 Child ¥1,025 Rusutsu Resort Hotel 10:15↑ 16:15↑ N/A for this bus
12:21↓ 16:21↓ Adult: ¥2,500 Child ¥1,250 Niseko View Plaza 9:48↑ 15:48↑ N/A for this bus
12:25↓ 16:25↓ Adult: ¥2,500 Child ¥1,250 Hondori in Niseko town 9:44↑ 15:44↑ N/A for this bus
12:32↓ 16:32↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort 9:37↑ 15:37↑ N/A for this bus
12:34↓ 16:34↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Potato Kyowakoku 9:35↑ 15:35↑ N/A for this bus
12:35↓ 16:35↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Hotel Ikoi no yu IROHA
12:36↓ 16:36↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri
12:38↓ 16:38↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort 9:34↑ 15:34↑ N/A for this bus
Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri 9:32↑ 15:32↑ N/A for this bus
Hotel Ikoi no yu IROHA 9:31↑ 15:31↑ N/A for this bus
12:50↓ 16:50↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Green Leaf Niseko Village
12:54↓ 16:54↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Hilton Niseko Village
12:57↓ 16:57↓ Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Niseko Higashiyama Pension Village 9:21↑ 15:21↑ N/A for this bus
Hilton Niseko Village 9:18↑ 15:18↑ N/A for this bus
Green Leaf Niseko Village 9:14↑ 15:14↑ N/A for this bus
13:09 17:09 Adult: ¥2,600 Child ¥1,300 Hirafu Welcome Center 9:00↑ 15:00↑ N/A for this bus

​If you would like to tour around Niseko via bus, you can purchase "Niseko Excursion Bus Ticket : Niseko, Otaru, Sapporo, New Chitose airport"

- 3 days excursion ticket: Adult ¥5,200, Child¥2,600

 Operation period: 1 August - 12 October 2018

- 5 days excursion ticket: Adult ¥8,000, Child ¥4,000

 Operation period: 1 August - 10 October 2018

For queries, please contact Chuo Bus Company. TEL 0570-200-6000 (7:30am - 6:00pm) Chitose Airport branch TEL 0123-46-5666(7:40am-6:00pm) 

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