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2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival Transportation Updates

Coming to Niseko in September can be THIS easy!

2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival
2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival

During the 2018 Niseko Autumn Food Festival (from Sep 13th through Sep 16th), there are many different ways for you to get to Niseko. Here are some useful information:

1. Supported by Travel Alliance Hokkaido, FREE SHUTTLES BETWEEN SAPPORO and NISEKO are available.

To reinforce our eco-focused goal for the 1st Niseko Autumn Food Festival, we would like to reduce visitors driving themselves. Please click HERE to book (first come, first serve). See below shuttle schedule:

Niseko Hirafu Welcome Center=>Sapporo Odori Park Sapporo Odori Park=>Niseko Hirafu Welcome Center
Thursday, Sep 13th - 9:00 departure from Niseko Thursday, Sep 13th - 15:00 departure from Sapporo
Friday, Sep 14th - 9:00 departure from Niseko Friday, Sep 14th - 15:00 departure from Sapporo
N/A Saturday, Sep 15th - 10:00 departure from Sapporo
Sunday, Sep 16th - 19:00 departure from Niseko Sunday, Sep 16th - 10:00 departure from Sapporo

2. Supported by Shiki Niseko, FREE SHUTTLES BETWEEN KUTCHAN JR STATION and NISEKO HIRAFU CROSS SECTION are available. No reservation required (first come, first serve). See below for schedule:

Kuctah JR Station => Niseko Hirafu Cross Section Niseko Hirafu Cross Section=> Kuctah JR Station
18:00 18:30
19:00 20:00

3. Travel Alliance Hokkaido is offering  ¥2,000 OFF per van per way to/from Niseko anytime in September - mention promotion code “2018NAFF” when booking.

Email: [email protected] today and book your September airport transportation or day trip need!

Niseko Internship Program(2018-2019) - Call for Participants

Niseko Internship Program(2018-2019) - Call for Participants

Hokkaido government ShiriBeshi office calls for companies that are keen to offer th international working environment for interns.

 1.Accept as interns in operations not as part-time worker.
 2.Provide international work environment. 
 3.Preferably provide accommodations during the program.
 4.Allow to participate in official program which government organized.

Term of employment
【Summer program】
  During July – September including the official term 6th Aug – 5th Sep

【Winter program】
  During December – March including the official term 5th Feb – 6th Mar

【Summer program】
 6th May 2018

【Winter program】
 9th Sep 2018 

You can download application requirements the following site.

Yusuke Araki
Hokkaido government ShiriBeshi office
Email:[email protected]
TEL  :0136-23-1419
FAX  :0136-22-0948

Powder Cat Tour in Iwanai Resort

The ocean view with ultimate powder experience!

Powder Cat Tour in Iwanai Resort

Fresh powder is the reason you've come to Niseko. Now try oceanfront skiing/snowboarding and get a full day of untracked lines. Experience the ultimate in powder luxury at Iwanai Resort. You'll ride 600-800m of vertical and get 7-9 runs a day, broken only by a fabulous sushi lunch. Whether you like spacious tree skiing, challenging steeps or wide open course, Iwana Resort has what you want!

¥65,000 per seat, covering:

  • Door-to-door transport
  • Intense safety briefing
  • Super luxury snow cat
  • Fabulous sushi lunch
  • Two experience guides
  • Avalnche beacons
  • Apres ski bar and billiards

If you are a powder hunter, come visit the hidden Hokkaido and witness one of Hokkaido's steepest resorts!

Powder Cat Tour in Iwanai Resort

Intorducing: Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic By Certified D.O.

Fix your Injury - Tune up your body

Intorducing: Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic By Certified D.O.

Fix your Injury - Tune up your body

Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy which looks for the root cause of your trouble.

For bodily injury, Headaches, neck pain & sciatica, knee and ankle pain; shoulder or wrist pain...

For Stress, Chronic fatigue & sleeping disorders, stomach issue...

To improve muscle recovery & organ function, to rebalance the body...

We work on different areas of the body which have a link to your injury or pain and which therefore affect your recovery. For example, for lower back pain, we check your the whole of your musculoskeletal system, organs, posture and cranio-sacral to make a global functional diagnostic which determines your treatment plan. In this way we can reach the best results in both short and long term.

In Tokyo since 2010, we have high experience with sport injury and chronic troubles. As an exclusive practitioner for Ferrari racing drivers, we have high experience with athletes. 

As a certified D.O. you may be covered by your medical insurance.

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