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Kutchan Night-Go Bus Summer Schedule Ends 31st August!

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Kutchan Night-Go Bus Summer Schedule Ends 31st August!

The Kutchan Night-Go Bus service, provided by SkyExpress this summer, will end on 31st August. The service runs daily from 6:20pm to 10:40pm between Kutchan Town and Hirafu Village, with stops along the way.

In the mean time, Niseko Bus services will continue till 29th October, and Donan Bus services till mid December!

The winter Night-Go Bus service will be shared by November.

Kutchan Night-Go Bus Summer Schedule Ends 31st August! Kutchan Night-Go Bus Summer Schedule Ends 31st August!

Yuki Kamui | Japan Coastline Culture Tour

Summer News

Come join us for a tour of traditional seaside towns known as GanWu. Just 40 minutes from Niseko, the tour features four coastal villages, fine views, excellent food, historical buildings, authentic Japanese lifestyle and a local festival. Break away from the tourism of Niseko and spend a day in the real Japan!!!

Time Schedule:

14:00 Pick up in Hirafu
14:30 Lake Shinsen-numa
15:30 Visit Bentenjima, ocean island
16:30 See old Tomari and herring house
17:30 Drive along beautiful coast road 229
18:30 Enjoy Hokkaido’s finest sushi
20:00 Watch 5000 Fireworks display
22:00 Arrive back in Hirafu

Yuki Kamui
[email protected]

Niseko Kids Festival

Niseko Kids Festival

Niseko Kids Festival is a two-day event being run by Niseko-cho volunteer parents and Niseko Town. There will be a range of activity equipment such as blow-up jumping mats, plastic inflatable tumblers, and 200 big foam play blocks. There will also be toys and activities for smaller kids in an indoor area so it will be suitable for all ages.

 Niseko needs an all-weather play area where parents can go to take the pressure off parenting, and let their kids be kids – outside their own homes and in any weather. 

 Niseko Kids Festival is a test event that will lead to the establishment of a dedicated, year-round play area somewhere in Niseko in the near future. This will be great for Niseko kids, bring relief and enjoyment for Niseko parents, and could become another tourism attraction for visiting families.

 We would like to ask your company for a small donation to cover the cost of the event. It will cost a total of ¥410,000 to ship the play equipment from Tokyo, set it up and hire the venue. Please help us make Niseko a funner place for kids, easier for parents, and boost Niseko tourism!

We will be informing you total amount of donation with thank you letter which will be enclosed in Niseko Town public relations magazine.

Donations are due by 10 August.


 Contact and inquiries

 Organizers: Organized by Niseko-cho parents.



What did the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?… 

Nothing, it just waved!

Oh, bouy! This week we're changing things up a little and surfing up a fine sealection of dad jokes and underwater delights! Fresh Hokkaido Seafood from ocean to grill!

As always we have drink specials to be shore to keep your gills hydrated, Come down to Green Farm Cafe from 5pm~ This one is naut to be missed!


Green Farm Cafe
TEL: 0136-23-3354

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