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2018-19 Toya - Niseko Bus Starts on Dec 22nd, 2018!

This winter you can visit the 2 famous spots easily through Jan 15th, 2019

2018-19 Toya - Niseko Bus Starts on Dec 22nd, 2018!

Supported by Hokkaido Tourism Organization, a special bus service will be available everyday from Dec 22nd, 2018 through Jan 15th, 2019 between Kutchan <=> Niseko <=> Lake Toya!

Please call:0136-22-1558 between 8:00~18:00 to reserve. Reservation by 18:00 a day before is required. First comes, first served basis. You will paid the fare in cash when you get off.

Please review English flyer HERE for more detailed info.

2018-19 Niseko Area Circuit Bus Starts on Dec 20th!

You can access all of your favorite onsens & restaurants easily!

2018-19 Niseko Area Circuit Bus Starts on Dec 20th!

The Niseko Area Circuit Bus will run from JR Niseko Station, to the hotels and ski areas as well as onsens and restaurants.

Period of Operation: Dec 20, 2018 (Thu) ~ Mar. 5 2019 (Tue)

From JR Niseko Station: 1)10:10 Dep. 2) 13:10 Dep. 3) 17:30 Dep. 4) 18:45 Dep. 5) 21:30 Dep.

Fee: Adults ¥500; Children (Elementary and younger) ¥250

Route: JR Niseko Station -> Hilton Hotel -> Annupuri -> Goshiki Onsen -> Moiwa -> JR Niseko Station

For more information, download the English Pamphlets.


Niseko Resort Tourism Association (JR Niseko Station Office)

TEL: 0136-44-2468

Email: [email protected]

Guide for Using Medical Facilities

Guide for Using Medical Facilities

In recent years, foreign tourists have been increasing rapidly in the Kutchan, Niseko area; hence, more foreign patients are in need of medical support.

When foreign tourists got insured and needed to visit the hospitals, they are often confused by the different medical procedure in Japan.

Therefore, we created this brochure in five different languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Korean to provide foreign visitors with some guidance about medial facilities in Japan. They are available below:

① English

② Chinese Traditional

③ Simplified Chinese

④ Korean

⑤ Japanese

And for insurance policy, please see the Insurance Flyer PDF . 

Any inquiries for the medical guide, please contact the Live Environmental Planning Inc. 

EMAIL: [email protected]    TEL:011-213-1955

For insurance, please contact the Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co,. Ltd  Sapporo Branch TEL:011-271-7342

Guru Guru Niseko San Summer Guide book

Guru Guru Niseko San Summer Guide book

"Guru Guru Niseko San" is an information magazine which introduces items and services with illustrations. The magazine’s editor and illustrator value the idea of being actually there to “experience” the products of the facilities they intend to feature in the publication. After many visits and interviews with the people involved with the products in Niseko, the illustrator portrays her fresh experiences through the perspective of a customer’s eyes and introduces each facility with her elaborate illustrations based on the concept of "eat", "play" and "relax".

First published in 2004, the magazine celebrates its 15th anniversary this year! A guidebook that introduces so many facilities with illustration is very rare even across the country.

Guru Guru Niseko San includes:
- introduction pages with illustrations for all the featured facilities
- information pages with pictures and general information

The illustrator and editor will visit and ask you about the facility – your pages will be created after their hands-on interviews, inspection tours, relishing what you have to offer, and discussions with you. 

The easy-to-carry A5 size publication can be put in a small purse, opened while walking or in a car, bus and train.

The publication will be on sale at bookstores, convenience stores, and road stations. Compared to free papers, chargeable information magazines are more likely to be viewed not only by the purchaser but also by the people around him/her.  

  • Scheduled issue date: Late April 2019 (before GW)
  • Format and circulation: A5, 74 pages (TBC) - 12,000 copies 
  • Price: 310 yen (tax included)
  • Available at:
    Major bookstores in Sapporo and Otaru; convenience stores, bookstores, road stations (Michi-no-eki) around the foot of Mt. Yotei; the facilities featured in the book
    Hakodate, Tomakomai, Muroran, Chitose, Tokyo (some stores in Marunouchi etc.)

Application deadline: 25 December 2018 

Contact & Applications:
Yamato Corporation (Atten: Kinoshita)
TEL: 090-8909-9877  FAX : 0136-55-8150
Email : [email protected]

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