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Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic By Certified D.O.

Fix your Injury, tune up your body!

Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic By Certified D.O.

Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy which looks for the root cause of your trouble.

For bodily injury, Headaches, neck pain & sciatica, knee and ankle pain; shoulder or wrist pain...For Stress, Chronic fatigue & sleeping disorders, stomach issue...To improve muscle recovery & organ function, to re-balance the body...

Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic will work on different areas of the body which have a link to your injury or pain and therefore affect your recovery. For example, for lower back pain, they check your whole musculoskeletal system, organs, posture and cranio-sacral to make a functional diagnostic which determines your treatment plan. In this way, they can reach the best results in both short and long term.

In Tokyo since 2010, they are highly qualified for treating sport injury and chronic troubles. As an exclusive practitioner for Ferrari racing drivers, they have tons of experiences working with athletes. 

On top of it, as a certified D.O., you may be covered by your medical insurance for your visit with them!

Niseko Yu Meguri Pass

If you want to experience the different hot springs (Onsens) in Niseko, "Niseko Yu Meguri Pass" is the way to go!

Niseko Yu Meguri Pass

​Niseko area is not only famous for ski resort, but there are so many awesome Onsens. You can go and enjoy Onsens after sliding on the slope, and it will relieve the weariness.

"Niseko Yu Meguri Pass" is providing everyone with easy access to Niseko's Onsens.

There are three types of "Niseko Yu Meguri Pass" available in Mt Yotei areas, covering all sorts of Onsens in different areas: Iwanai, Kyowa, Kuromatsunai, Suttsu and Shimamaki.

How to use the "Niseko Yu Meguri Pass"

​・Facilities in the red group (entrance fee below 600 Yen) require either one red or one blue seal!

・Facilities in the red group (entrance fee above 600 Yen) require either one blue seal or two red seals!

・You can check out all information about the participating facilities on their website.

・One pass can be used by more than one person. The pass is valid for 180 days from the issue date.

・Please keep in mind that every Onsen may slightly differ in opening hour or handling of the pass etc.

・Some Onsens might be closed due to cleaning, reservations or maintenance.

・Please check the opening hours and admission period, before visiting an Onsen.

Niseko Yu Meguri Pass

Early Morning Lift at Grand Hirafu Will Start on 6th Jan!

The premium lift operation starts at an ealier time than regular operation.

Early Morning Lift at Grand Hirafu Will Start on 6th Jan!

Come and experience the fresh powder in the early morning after snowfall, or pleasant cruising on the groomed slopes!

  • Operation period/Jan. 6 2018 to Jan.28, 2018
  • Operation time/8:00am to 8:20am
  • Lift in operation/Ace Quad Lift #2 (Center 4)

  • Available courses/Super, Furiko, Green, Alpen, Sennoki
  • Special ticket sales counter/.Base (Dot Base) Lift Ticket Sales (in front of Hotel Niseko Alpen)
  • Special ticket sales time/7:45am to 8:15am
  • Special ticket price/ 500 yen


  • Normal lift tickets will also be on sale, but you can only ride lifts with normal tickets from 8:30am and after.

  • Early Morning skiing may be canceled or the time may be altered due to weather conditions.
  • During Early Morning time, you cannot ride the lifts using normal lift tickets or season lift tickets.
  • The King side (Kokutai and Kogen courses) is not available during Early Morning.

  • Early Morning skiing may be canceled or the time may be altered due to weather conditions.

Early Morning Lift at Grand Hirafu Will Start on 6th Jan!

Niseko Nature Center Now Open

Come to check out what the new center has to offer!

Niseko Nature Center
Niseko Nature Center

Niseko Nature Center (NNC), opening all year around, is located on the main route 343 near Niseko Village area. NNC is a new venture by the Ikeuchi Group, a Sapporo based department store operator and outdoor retailer with a strong presence in the Niseko area.

During winter, the building offered all kinds of services: reasonable accommodation, cafe, outdoor activities and convenience store! NCC offers dormitory style accommodation on the 2nd floor. Groups or individuals are welcome. Breakfast is included in the accommodation fee, range between ¥8,000 to ¥12,000 per person. You can book via, or you can contact them directly on (+81) 136-55-7046.

On the 1st floor, Mori no Ma Cafe opens from 7:00 ~ 16:00 every day and offers delicious smoothies, curry, and pastas!

You can also book a great range of winter activities with NNC. For example, snow shoeing, fat bikes, snow rafting, snowmobiling, cross country ski, and more!

You can access NNC using the Hilton Hotel’s free shuttle stops nearby, the winter resort bus service (click link here to access transportation guide) or simply use your own vehicle!

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