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65th Sapporo snow festival – Discover the wonderland!

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65th Sapporo snow festival – Discover the wonderland!

One of Japan’s largest winter events with over two million people coming to see the hundreds of beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures throughout the city. For seven days in February (5th-11th), Sapporo transform into a winter dreamland of crystal-like ice, white snow, people, food and fun!  There are three main areas which the festival covers; Odori Park, home of the largest sculptures, ice skating rink, concerts and a delicious international food fair. Then down the road in Susukino is the immaculate display of technically perfect and visually magnificent ice carvings, some of which feature real crab, squid and salmon encased inside. Then over at the Tsudome area is where you will find a kiddies adventure land of snow, ice sculptures, snow maze, tube slides, snow rafting, food and entertainment throughout the day. will be running bus trips from Niseko to Sapporo on the 6th & 10th.

Niseko Geisha are back with new activities

Niseko News

Brand new! We’ve set up a geisha bar in Kutchan.

This is a fun and cheap way to meet a geisha for those on a budget. the Geisha Bar is No.27 in the Kutchan section of the Niseko Resort Map.

Please refer to the PDF file.

Geisha school

Aithough geisha training is usually secret, the Niseko Geisha are allowing tourists to come to see lessons from 1:30PM to 3:30PM. Children are welcome.
You'll be able to see geisha practice singing, shamisen, flute, drums and dancing.

Please refer to the PDF file.


We also offer our regular banquets.
There are two styles:
1. The geisha can visit you at your ski lodge (with or without a catered dinner).
2. You can come to kutchan for a traditional Japanese meal in a beautiful restaurant with geisha entertainment.

To hire her as an entertainer, to take a geisha lesson, please contact.

[email protected]

TEL: 090-6046-9708


Early bird starts!! Grand Hirafu

Ski Resorts News

This means premium lift operation which starts at an earlier time than regular lift operation.

Different people enjoy it in different ways, from the fresh powder in the early morning after a snowfall, to pleasant cruising on the sparkling compacted slopes!

Why not check it out?

Operation period: Sat. Jan. 11 to Sun. Feb. 2, 2014

Operation time: 8:00am to 8:20am

Lift in operation: Ace Quad Lift #2 (Center 4)

Available courses:

Super, Furiko, Green, Alpen, Sennoki (Five courses)

Special ticket sales counter: Ace Lift Ticket Sales (in front of Hotel Niseko Alpen)

Special ticket sales time: 7:45am to 8:15am

Special ticket price: 500 yen


*1 Normal lift tickets will also be on sale, but you can only ride lifts with normal tickets from 8:30am and after.

*2 Early Morning skiing may be canceled or the time may be altered due to weather conditions.

*3 During Early Morning time, you cannot ride the lifts using normal lift tickets or season lift tickets.

*4 The King side (Kokutai and Kogen courses) is not available during Early Morning.

For queries, please contact the Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu.


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